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MODS!!! Lets see em!!

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    O.K. so who do we talk to about this set up for a WE 130?? lol

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    I ordered and received this table earlier this week based on your post.  Very solid and easy to setup/store as needed.

    I needed a shorter table when I cement the threaded rods into the ball joint for the micro-adjust kit.  I have to be very careful not to contaminate the ball with the liquid metal epoxy.

    All of my work benches are too high to sit comfortably and rest my elbows for stability inserting the rod into the ball.

    I just made up some more kits and this table worked perfectly.


    Ed K.

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    Glad you like it.  It worked perfectly for me as well.  I just stuck a switched power strip to the under side, so now I have switched power.  The fact that it’s easy up and easy away is everything for me.

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    I recently started using the black plastic knob replacement microadjuster kit from Ed K (NotSharpEnuff) on my Gen3Pro. It works great and Ed was very helpful and responsive. Finally things stay put. Thanks Ed.

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    Howard Schwartz
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    I have use the micro- angle adjusters from Ed, as well and it absolutely is worth every single penny. An absolute must have, accessory.

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    Dave Migliaccio
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    Hi Ed,

    Got your info from Marc; I’d like to order the Gen 3 upgrade micro adjuster kit with stainless steel knobs with stainless steel lock arms at  $145.00. I don’t have a Gen 3, but rather an older WE100 that I upgraded with a Gen 3 vise (<span style=”color: #000000;”>WE300UP), </span> <span style=”color: #000000;”>along with a WE130 degree bar and mini L-bracket upgrade, with the WE100up4 hinges. Marc says what I need is for WE130: model “A” for Stainless Steel and style #2 for the mini “L” brackets. If that sounds right, let’s go ahead with the order. I can do PayPal.</span>


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    Dave, I sent you an email, and a forum private message, also.  Please email Ed directly to place an order


    (MarcH's Rack-It)

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