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How I find the "Sweet Spot" (4 Parts)

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    Richard, I would select your answer #1.  For me the sweet spot is the balanced placement where the knife is clamped in a position that the stone will reach the knife edge all along the entire bevel length as close to an equal amount of contact as possible.  When clamped in the sweet spot the amount of metal removed at a given set angle should be as close to equal along the entire blade.  With a good sweet spot the variation, of metal removed along the blade, will be very minor.  If the amount of metal removed at one portion of the blade is a great difference from another portion of the blade the knife can be clamped in a more appropriate position.

    After the first time the knife is sharpened, clamped at that selected sweet spot position, with each repeated sharpening,  in that same clamped position, the sweet spot will match right-on because all the minor variations have been profiled to line up with the stone.  That is to say all the uneven metal has been removed to shape by that first selected sweet spot clamped position.

    Some knives are hand ground and free hand sharpened.  Their custom shapes may be difficult to match the fixed angle WE sharpening system.  It may be near impossible to find a sweet spot for these knives.  That is a single clamping position that allows you to reach the entire bevel similarly.  These knives may be sharpened easier by doing them in sections then moving and reclamping the knife again.  Then these portions are blended together at the end.

    Just to be clear, if you have chosen to profile your knife to a blade or bevel shape of your own liking or design then the knife should be clamped in a position to best allow removal of steel from the areas you want to remove the metal from.  Then with subsequent sharpenings this same clamped position will also then be the clamping sweet spot.


    (MarcH's Rack-It)

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