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Thumbscrew tightening/loosening on the Go

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    Hey all,

    I’ve had a GO for 5-6 mo now and have had a great time using it. My one hardware question or complaint is this – I have had a hard time getting the angle adjustment thumbscrews tight enough to stay in place, but still able to be loosened by hand. Typically I can really crank them down by hand and not have problems, but then I really struggle to loosen them. If I just make them snug, they seem to loosen up over a sharpening session and soon I’ll be slightly off of my angle setting without knowing it.

    Has anyone tried any aftermarket knob/thumbscrew that allows a bit more leverage, or is there perhaps an advantage to be tried by adding an o-ring or something?


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    This seems to be an issue due to the detent holes.  On the WE 120 I removed the bar and turned it around.. Since I use the angle cube the detents are not important.  Not sure if that can be done on the Go.. but maybe..

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    I would try the simple inexpensive fix using a flat washer and split ring lock washer on the thumb screw.

    (MarcH's Rack-It)

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    I’ve had a GO since it came out and I use it 30% of the time or so(also have a 130). I check the tension on the screws on every stone just like I’m setting it up for the first stone. I use an angle cube and re-adjust the angle to the desired degree. Doing this I don’t have any issue with the screw loosening since I’m checking the tension on every stone.

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