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Question from new WE user on starting

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    hi folks! I will be getting my WE today. I purchased 4 cheap steak knifes at Walmart. I’m thinking of changing the bevel on 1 or 2 of them then running the blades on a fine grit paver stone to dull and then resharpen. As stupid as this sounds, am I on the right track to learn how to use it? My angle cube is coming next week, so I’ll be using the estimate on the WE. At this point just looking to get the basics down and break in the stones.

    Thank you in advance for your help and advice!

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    Wellcome to the forum. First, which model WE did you get?

    Second, did you get the 50/80 stones? Using the 100/200 stones could get tedious, depending on how much metal you have to remove, but should be ok in breaking in the stones. You’d also need a magnifier of some sort to see your progress. I believe @Expidia posted a sort of intro to sharpening ,hopefully someone else will chime in.

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    I purchased the WE 130 and the 800/1000 grit diamond stones. I’ve read quite a bit on the forum and watched a lot of videos. I guess that I won’t understand the effect of the additional grit stones until I use them. I have a 2in-5x jewelers loupe that I guess I could use.

    Marc H
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    Welcome to the W.E. Forum and community 45srbest.  All W.E sharpeners are a machined precision hand tools that will allow you to securely clamp and sharpen your knife blades well and repeatedly.  Once you learn how to operate it.  The WE130 is a good choice and my individual favorite model.

    We experienced users, use our W.E. sharpeners to create and draw flat and smooth knife bevels at angles that meet and intersect precisely together, to form a precise and fine line, the knife edge.  How each of us accomplish this is similar in concept but may vary or differ in execution.  This leads to individual nuances in many of our sharpening techniques.  Just like the old adage states: there are many ways to skin a cat.

    I suggest you take advantage of all the various YouTube videos, the Wicked Edge knowledge base articles, and this forum, to gather the information you need to determine and develop your own individual sharpening style and technique.  It is not difficult to sharpen knives with the Wicked Edge, but it’s far from simple, either.  It takes time and practice to learn the basics while breaking in your sharpening stones.  Keep at it.  It will become more clear to you as you work at it and gain experience.  There’s a lot of helpful experience here on this forum.  Take what you need and leave the rest.  Some suggestions will seem counterproductive at the onset.  Down the road in your journey to seek the sharpest knife edges you’ve ever used, as you gain your own experiences, it’ll become clear to you what we all are trying to accomplish with our own individualized sharpening styles, techniques and opinions.

    Enjoy your journey and welcome.

    (MarcH's Rack-Its)

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    I think you’re off to a good start. Sharpen those cheap blades a few times and get a feel for how the setup works. Consistency of technique is the key to getting the best possible results. Work slowly and stay safe.

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    IMO re profiling, a bevel can be very time consuming and possibly frustrating in the amount of time it takes. It can be done quicker with the 50/80 diamond stones, but will still take  quite awhile. I think a more powerful loupe would be more beneficial, a usb microscope even better. Some users even use the 1000 or 800 grit diamond stones to run on the blade edge a couple of times to dull before sharpening. Also the magic marker on the bevels of the blade is a great way to see your progress to the apex of the edge. I believe you are on the right track for Honing your skills(pun intended), just be patient, thorough with your sessions. Good luck, Good will to ya. Have Fun!

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