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    Good stuff here and I’m replying to simply resurrect  this thread to see if anyone has any updates.

    Edge-leading, trailing, and -parallel strokes.. hmmmm good stuff.
    my $20 scope and my $50 is Celeste on vs 500-100 Dyno lite . hmmmm…. Makes me ponder the next scope… for science sake… I’d love to have a wireless scope with good DOF and magnification and ease of focus (Good mechanism) that I could view on an iPad rather then break out the laptop.. damn are we getting spoiled these days with tech and gadgets…

    all updated comments and convo are welcome..

    Marc H
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    No disrespect meant…what do you want your microscope to do?  For me it’s a magnifying visual aid to help me to sharpen my knives with my W.E.  My scope let’s me see where my scratch patterns are being laid down so I can better assess my sharpening efficiency and progress, and to determine existing bevel angles to match these when sharpening.  Now, it just takes a quick glance.  Just a spot check to see I’m doing what I want to do, is correct.

    At the onset of my sharpening experience with my new W.E.P.S. I bought all the tools and aids, too.  All the helpful toys.  When I first used a USB scope I too was impressed by what I could see and I could photograph.  I became interested in the quality of the magnified view.  At that point I was still “oohing and aahing” over seeing the close ups of bevel damage and then the scratches and gouges in my steel knife edges that I had applied and caused with my sharpening stones.  I thought, if I only had a better scope with a better view???  A scope that would let me see more and better….just what your wanting.

    As I started to gain experiences and to gain control and confidence with my sharpening ability, by that time, I had correlated the placement of the scratches with the results I could expect through proper technique and grit progression.  That is, if only I did the processes consistently and well.  The view with the scope became less important.  It required just a quick glance then I was back to the task at hand, sharpening strokes. I learned I was really more interested in seeing the scratches were diminishing.

    Some people want to calibrate their scopes so they can correlate what they’re seeing and the size of it in relation to the field of view at that power.  This was not something that interests me so that function was not important to me.  I’m just interested in what is there that I can see, damage, bevel shapes and scratch patterns in particular, and what I don’t see.

    These days, only when I’m looking to take a bevel picture to make a point while sharing the photographs does the quality of the microscope view really matter.  If your looking to make another separate hobby of microscopic scratch pattern photography, or seriously, metallurgical analysis of hardened steels while sharpening knives, or abrasive particle size measurement, then maybe a better USB scope may be called for.  Just for getting top rate results sharpening knives with your W.E., not so much.  Even as I was going through everything your sharing today, by resurrecting this earlier thread, I eventually had bought 6 or 7 scopes chasing that better view.  Each one “better” and more expensive then the last.  For me, the first, simplest, least expensive scope I purchased, is still my go-to favorite.  The only scope I use.

    I’m glad to see you are reading back through old forum posts.  There’s lots of great information to glean. I commend your efforts.

    From what I’ve learned, the “wifi” USB scopes aren’t too good.  Those in the price points most of us would be interested in,  may include a separate transmitter box that connects the scope to your home wifi network.  These types of scopes generally do not connect directly to your device through the wifi.  Also, I’ve read others have shared they drop the wifi connections easily.  I’ve not seen any direct connect blue tooth scopes.  Also, there are Mac compatible USB wired scopes that seem to be similar in functionality to Windows compatible USB wired scopes.  The issue here is finding the compatible download-able software app for the scope that matches your particular device and it’s OS version.  The advantage of using a wired USB scopes is you can use it with an A/C powered laptop and leave it on hours on end.  This way the scope just lays there “on”, ready to use, anytime I grab it.  There are some Android compatible wired USB scopes that can be used with an “OTG” adapter.  iOS compatible scopes for iPhone devices are generally more expensive and fewer and far between.  Using scopes with smart devices there is also a battery life issue.   Some smart devices with a specific OS and usually a special cable adapter can use a scope while charging/powering the devices simultaneously.

    (MarcH's Rack-Its)

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    No disrespect taken… again…..

    and your have no idea how many prior threads I’ve read or reread and bookmarked or copied bits out of and consolidated into a “Notability” note ( like Evernote).

    I’m humbled by your wisdom and acute recognition of the rabbit hole of wanting better/ easier.. just because… You are spot on in the ultimate desire to have a scope that’s easy to fucus and use and gives a usable understanding of what I’ve done and need to do  that’s about it.  Although really cool photos of edges are … really cool .

    You do bring up a good point about powering the scope should I find a wireless one to work off an iPad that’s not a Frankenstein.  Perhaps tech isn’t quite there yet for such a niche-use / application.

    I really do hate the focusing mechanism on my cheap “Pluggable” scope but the Celestron is more then adequate no doubt for my use case.  And no, $1000 + for a scientific grade scope to just see where I am in the edge and what needs to be done is … insane. I wish I could capture a pic tapping on the scope on  like the pluggable has, and, the darn wire seems to come out 180 deg away from where it should so I use it wire facing up so my image is oriented on my screen as the edge is in real life. The other issue I have is the lighting. I’m always tilting and seeking the best angle to highlight or see what’s important or of interest at that given time. But I suppose lighting and angles is a huge part of any photography so no $billion scope will change that,

    I’d rather put those $ towards some Shapton Glass hones…ugggg … saw / got some pricing and… um.. I’m NOT getting the 200-30,000  complete set today! I’ll continue that convo in the appropriate thread though..



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    Dwight Glass
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    I have A “Celestron” hand held microscope.

    I put tape over the focusing mechanism to keep it from wasting my time.

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    I am working on a focus ring Fix for the pluggable, Prototypes going out to Marc and Ed soon.  I really think these to accessories will be a big plus for the Pluggable scope.   The thanks goes to Marc as usual, for pushing me to do this, I had thought about it some time ago, but don’t really use the scope much as I only sharpen a few of my wife’s knives and don’t drag out the scope anymore.

    More to come!

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    A few years ago, I was testing a Carson USB ‘scope, and found that I couldn’t use it without unintentionally moving the focus ring.  So I made a clunky ring to hold it with.  Might not be the answer here, but it sure helped.

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