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Wicked Edge GO Update

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    Many of you have been asking for the ability to upgrade your GO to the Cam-Lock Vise!
    We’re redesigning the GO to include a Cam-Lock Vise, be more compact and easier to manufacture. We’ll be introducing the new version in two models, one with a Standard Vise and one with a new Cam-Lock Vise, which will be backwards compatible with your version of the Wicked Edge GO as an easy upgrade.
    The new design will be coming out in 2021 but does not have a release date. We’re sold out of our remaining inventory for the Wicked Edge GO and are retooling for the new version! As we get closer to the launch of the new model, we’ll keep you in the loop with details about the new features and when the new model and upgrade kit will be available.


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    Sounds good, Clay! I started a thread about it on BFC (Blade Forums dot com).

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    Gene Robbins
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    I was able to grab one of the last Wicked Edge Go’s one of your seller’s had in stock (I couldn’t wait for the updated design, although I wanted to!) and, if I’m understanding this post correctly, I will be able to upgrade the model I have with the Cam-Lock Vise, right? (I’ve seen it in videos and looks like a great upgrade to an already pretty easy to use system). Thank you for your time! And I am loving the Wicked Edge Go! (I added the 800/1000 stones and looking to add Strops down the road)

    Patrick R
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    Hey all! Is there any news on this?

    I have a WE GO & I would absolutely love a cam vise for it!

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