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    Hello I need some advice. Im new to sharpening knives and the wicked edge. I have the gen 3 pro. I have the stones that came with it. I already have the 5/3.5 micron and leather strops. Also have the 1/0.5 micron and leather strops. Im already getting the 1500/2200 diamond. Do I need the 3000 diamond with glass for the 6 micron. Thank you everyone

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    Welcome to the Wicked Edge Forum, Tony.  Not to be making fun of you and all the rest of us Wicked Edge users, but we don’t need our Wicked Edge Sharpeners.  We ended up here together on this forum using Wicked Edge Sharpeners, in our search for the perfect sharp and beautifully polished knife edge. The basic stones that come with any of the set-ups are enough to produce a remarkedly sharp knife edge once your stones are broken in well and you learn how to use the system properly.  Every other accessory stones are just more toys to feed our desire to achieve the perfect mirrored edge.

    I have and use the 1500, 2200, and 3000 grit and follow this up with at least, the 4µ/2µ strop pair when using the diamond stone progression.  It makes for a very fine sharp and well polished knife edge.

    I have every sharpening and polishing medium you’re asking if you need, and many more, too.  (Everything Wicked Edge offers and more). It’s all about how much you desire to have those results.  How much you’re looking to get into this search.  How obsessed you are.

    All of the extra fine sharpening stones and increasingly fine strop mediums and lapping films will get you closer to that mirrored edge.  Just realize buying these extra mediums won’t just give you that edge.  First you need to learn the proper technique to use your Wicked Edge Sharpener to it’s fullest, along with all these different mediums. This takes experience; time, effort, practice and attention to detail.  The extra mediums will certainly give you more of the tools to use to do it once you put them to proper use.

    Good luck.  Those of us who have been here on this forum for a while, and have had our own glimpses of perfection say……enjoy your journey down the “Rabbit Hole” into knife sharpening and your search for knife edge perfection!


    (MarcH's Rack-Its)

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    Welcome.  All of the above.  I’d like to add, if you really are new to sharpening knives, the you may or may not experience some frustration at first.  I’d say, work with what you have and learn your strokes and edges.  When you have the basics down, you can begin working toward that mirror polished edge, if you want.  If you’re looking for a great working edge, then you’ve got all it will take to achieve that, IMHO.  Good luck and learn your strokes.  Many here will guide you along your way.

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    FWIW, I pretty much treat the 3000 grit diamond as the equivalent of 6 micron film, once it’s been fully “broken in.”  If I am not trying for the so-called mirror edge, I will often run the progression through to 2200 or 3000 grit and leave it like that.  If I want a more polished edge, or to polish a convex edge, I’ll jump from 2200 to the 6 and then 3 micron film.  For some mysterious reason, 6 mu DLF is highly effective, or if you prefer, it punches above its weight.

    While I may treat 3000 grit diamonds and 6 mu film as equivalents, I may be the exception and others might prefer to go …2200, 3000, 6 micron, 3 micron, etc. etc. etc. .  Film will actually produce a more uniform scratch pattern, but is subject to contamination and wear.  So there’s that.  Personal preference.

    BTW, your strops will actually produce a sharper edge by “stretching” the apex, once you’ve figured them out.  You wouldn’t necessarily use them to increase your polish level, but if you didn’t have the diamond film, they’re certainly an option.


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