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Angle cube variability/inconsistency and jumpiness

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    “Setting time” . I’m not sure I understand. I doubt you mean time setting. I did an unsuccessful search. Perhaps you are referring to the time it takes before it turns itself off? If so, I’m pretty sure it stays on. I can’t recall it having a time out. It has a really good rechargeable battery though.

    Maybe there will be a second hand for sale with all the businesses closing down. Anyway here are some others that might lead you to something you can justify.

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    Thank you, Eugene:  The video shows me exactly what I was asking.  “Settling time” is the length of time required to “settle” down to a final reading after having made an adjustment.  Some examples tend to bounce quite a bit, and then settle down to a reading which might or might not be consistent.

    Sorry to have sent you off looking for other examples, as I already have had a Wixey, an Igaging, a DXL-360 and it’s better sister, the DXL-360S.  For what it’s worth, the TLL-90 looks really impressive.  Does it have magnets on all four sides?

    Amazon shows the following specs for the TLL-90S:

    1. The product is rechargeable, laser module installed for alignment
    2. V-shaped aluminum metal casing for easy installation in corners or pipes
    3. Audible alarm that sets the angle range
    4. The gyroscope for any angle measurement
    5. LCD display screen can provide clear readings for you.


    Item Type: Digital Protractor
    Product Accuracy:
    0 to 20°: ± (0.005°)
    20 to 70°: ± (0.01°)
    70 to 90°: ± (0.005°)
    Measuring Range: Single: 360°, Dual: ±40°
    Resolution: 0.001°
    Gyroscope Speed: <50°/S
    Angle Resolution: 0.1°
    Angle Accuracy: 0.5°
    Response Time: 0.7 Seconds
    Audio Sound: 60db at 30cm
    Angle Deviation: 0.002℃ (General State)
    Working Temperature: 0-50℃
    Storage Temperature: -10 To 60℃
    User Interface: Monochrome LCD with backlight
    Power: Rechargeable Lithium Polymer 3.7V
    Charger Port: 5V 500mA USB Port
    Power Consumption:
    Standby: 10uA, Work: 20mA
    Backup Battery Life: 4000 Hours
    Battery Life: 30 Hours
    Magnetic Strength: Set at the bottom, N35

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Viewing 2 posts - 31 through 32 (of 32 total)
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