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WE 130 Degree markings off considerably

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    Newbie here,

    I searched the sit but I could not find my issue.  My degree markings are off by 1 degree at the 13 degree mark and 3.25 degrees at the 35 degree mark according to my zero’d out angle cube.  No matter the size of the knife my angle do no match and my micro adjustment is maxed.  Everything is centered and tight.  I have tried to eliminate all the variables.  What am I missing?  I have to be missing something.  If this is a dumb question I apologize.  Any help is appreciated.

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    Is your blade edge 5/8″ above the clamp?  This is an ongoing concern/question.  Every knife is different.  The degree markings are only accurate for knives mounted 5/8″ above the clamp.  Most of us just use the degree markings as a general guide to set things up for a sharpening session.  Your angle cube is your most important tool.


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    Marc H
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    Jogan,  those markings on the angle bar are not absolute, rather an approximation.  Just an indicator.  These indicators correspond to certain knife size and clamped position W.E chose to use to calibrate the device with, while making these angle markings.  These markings are only intended to give you an idea but are not a true value of your angle.  Your observation is correct and to determine your actual relative angles employing an angle measuring device like a properly zeroed digital angle cube or digital Protractor is the best way to go.

    Many W.E. users have actually flipped the angle bar over to position the angle inscriptions to the rear where they can’t be seen.  Be assured these markers do not take away from the precision of your sharpening results.  IMO, employing the digital angle measuring device actually improves the accuracy and precision of your sharpening results.


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    To visualize why this happens, if it is not already clear, put  a stone on the rod, set the rod to 20 degrees  and lay the stone on the vise top. now lift the stone off the vise slowly going straight up and observe the angle between the stone and vise change the higher you get over the vise..   Angle cube is a required item if you want exact angles on every knife no matter the height of the blade.

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