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    Who on here has the Tormak machine and the WE system. How so you use them to compliment each other.  Do you use the Tormek for more of the re profile and repair of damaged knives then finish on the WE.   Just throwing the question out there.

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    Dwight Glass
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    I have  a “Tormak T-7” it removes metal faster then my “Wicked Edge”. I could just stop with the Tormak and have a real nice edge. But if can sharpen with just the Wicked edge that is what I prefer.

    From Danny: Do you use the Tormak for more of the reprofile and repair of damaged knives then finish on the WE.

    In my opinion, yes

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    Bill Kirkley
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    I don’t have the Tormek. I wasn’t aware of it when I researched and ultimately purchased a WE. If I had it to do over again I’d get the Tormek for the following reasons.

    1. It’s quicker, and gives a good edge.
    2. It’s stone will last my lifetime.
    3. It’s safer.
    4. It will sharpen almost anything.

    If you are an edge fanatic and love the act of sharpening I’d get a WE.

    If you sharpen as a business I’d get the Tormek. It’s quicker and apparently gives a good edge.

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    I have a Tormek t-8. I got it before my Gen3. I got it cause I can sharpen wood working tools and more. It’s fast. The WE doesn’t take electricity and travels better and can put a better edge on a blade. But Tormek systems are pretty kick ass in a different way.

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    I bought the WE Pro and love it with the knives I sharpen  I just recently bought the Tormek T-8 so I can sharpen still bits axes e ct. that I can not do on the WE.  I have found the re-profiling with the tormek is a lot faster and then finishing on the WE makes the whole thing go much faster.   The only thing I need for the tormek is the Japanese wet stone.  It is nice having both.  Makes for a lot more business opportunity.

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    For me the Tormek is analogous to running my car through the car wash at the local gas station; while, the WE is handwashing with fine materials.  IMO and YMMV.

    They both have their place, but once you are skilled on the WE to make it do your bidding, you can make that edge sing and dance as the job dictates.

    For instance, not sure about the Tormek, but if I want to put on a great working edge with bite, that is quick on the WE and takes up less room than the Tormek from my standpoint, then if I want to go to a mirror edge, I can do that too with little additional footprint and working space for the additional paddles (in fact, I do most of my sharpening while both our cars are parked in our garage so I have about 2.5 feet of width so the WE works well in tight spots I can assure you).

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    Bought my Tormek years ago and I haven’t used it much.  That said, I have updated many of the features and use do use it for reprofiling chisels, plane irons and knives.  I just now reprofiled an old folder from 20* to 25*.  What would have taken me quite a while with 100 grit stones, took me about 5 minutes on the Tormek.  Now I can go to the stones to refine that reprofiled edge.

    The only drawback for the occasional Tormek user, like me, is that it takes me about 15 minutes just to break out the machine and get it set up.  It takes an additional 10 minutes to true the stone.  For this reason, I try to reprofile at least 2 knives at a time.  Having a permanent setup would be ideal.

    In the past, I’ve toyed with selling the Tormek, however when I need it, it comes in really, really handy.  Hope this helps.

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