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Shun knife Bess (Edge On Up) sharpness out of the box . . .

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    TC, Very interesting, have you put the WEPS to work on this knife. 6 DPS is razor blade land. It would be cool to see some before/after mag shots of the edge.

    I’ve sharpened it and my sister’s twin to it several times each.  With the LAA on my WE130, I can get down to the 8 dps range, but I’ve been staying in the 10 – 12 dps range to reduce chipping.  They sharpen beautifully and very easily do the trick of slicing off a paper-thin section of tomato without touching it, as in this video.  On my Gen 1 rig, I can’t get quite as low on the right as I can on the left, but the difference doesn’t really make a difference.  Apologies to the late Miss Van Driel, my high school English teacher.

    Unfortunately, I can’t get low enough to add convexed shoulders, as was supplied by the maker.  Maybe if I doubled-up with both of my LAA’s and added my Tormek Small Knife Holder.  I think MarcH (?) has a rig which offsets the degree-bar to either the front or back side of the vise, with the degree-bar being open at the center.  With the lower angles and being clear of the vise, it allows you to make much lower settings.  Most knives would require at least two steps, but I think I might have to steal that idea.

    BTW, I once checked a bunch of razor blades, scalpels, utility knives and such, and none of them was less than 20 degrees, inclusive.  I didn’t check regular safety razor blades, but I figured they were probably the same as the single-edged blades.  Or maybe not.

    Here’s a scalpel blade cross-section:

    As I recall, 30 deg, incl.

    scalpel cross section

    Sorry for the poor quality pics, but you get the idea.  Here’s a cross-section of my Schick titanium Quattro blades:

    As I recall, one is 25 deg. incl. and the other is 33

    shick quattro titanium  #1


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    Thanks for your comments and pics  TC!

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    “The Feather Super Pro has a 10 degree bevel with a 19 degree microbevel (these measurements are plus or minus 1 degree).”

    These are included angles as measured by Todd Simpson on

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