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    Hello All! Covid19 has me looking for a creative new outlet, so I chose to expand my horizons into knife sharpening.  I unpacked my WE130 and will be mounting it to a base this weekend.  As I have NEVER sharpened anything EVER, this will truly be a new experience.  When ordering the WE130, I also ordered the safety guards, but am now turning to the WE Forum community for any advise, wisdom, and/or ideas for how to get started.  I have watched dozens of videos on knife sharpening with and without the WE systems, but know there is no substitute for practice, practice, practice!  I have read through many of your posts on this forum and have saved several of them as reference material and “how to’s”!  I just need a nudge in the “what do I do first” direction please.  Is there any prep work I need to do to the stones, should I just grab a knife and have at it, are there any things I should definitely NOT do?  My mindset is to ultimately develop my skills and knowledge so I can start a side-gig sharpening service.  Thank you in advance for any input.  I AM SO EXCITED!!!

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    Welcome StarkSharp! The best advice if you’re just starting out is to practice on a cheap knife or two. You’ll need some time to get your technique going and your stones will need some time to get broken in. If you’re working on a cheap knife, you can feel confident to experiment and not worry about making mistakes.


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    are there any things I should definitely NOT do?

    Cut yourself comes to mind! 🙂

    Other things to remember is there is no time limit.. the WE is a “Hand” sharpener, it just holds the stones at the fixed angle… It takes as long as it takes for the steel to be removed during each grit, so counting strokes is not really a useful or meaningful venture. Relax and have fun.

    If you have not seen this video, it is very helpful when learning the different sharpening strokes and when to use them.

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    Marc H
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    StarkSharp, welcome.  It’s not hard to use a Wicked Edge, but it’s far from simple, either.  It takes quite a bit of practice to learn to use it well.  There is a pretty good break-in period to the sharpening stones before they start to come around and yield consistent results.  This takes most of us 8 or 10 knives worth of practice and stone use.  Always put safety first.  Watch your finger placement.  You’re working with an exposed knife edge.  I always sharpen with safety shields.

    (MarcH's Rack-Its)

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