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Dual grit edges?

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    Back to the scalpel in the photo I posted above.  Please note that what the manufacturer has done is to form the bevels with (what appears to be) 600 grit, then polished one side.  They are skipping all the intermediate grits between 600 and 3000 (?), so the 600-grit scratches and the 600-grit apex are retained.  Only the high ridges of the 600-grit scratches are polished.

    I’ve done this quite a bit when friends have brought me cheap knives which simply don’t justify the 30 to 45 minutes I’d invest at the WE station.  I mount a 600-grit buffing wheel on one end of my Jet buffer stand, and white polishing compound on the other end.  Two quick passes on each side at each wheel and the knife is quite sharp.  Less than a minute invested, and unless there are some bad nicks or dents along the edge, they slice through phone book paper very nicely.

    My Work-Sharp knife and tool sharpener does the same thing, but with belts.  I think it goes directly from 200/240 grit to 3000 grit belts

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