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Cleaning blade between Chosera stones??

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    What do you chosera stone users use to clean the knife edge between stones.  I have been using the fuzy microfiber cloths.  But the knife is so sharp at this point that I end up leaving bits of fuzy microfiber everywhere.

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    A “felt block” run down the bevel helps pretty well all though it may leave some of it’s own fuzzy debris. It blows off easily. I too use a folded thick microfiber towel. The thickness protects me from getting cut.  I do the last wipe trailing edge and this limits some of the lint because it has nothing to grab and just stays on the towel.

    I use Shapton Wetstones, not Choseras, should be the same issue; to remove any dried stone residue or stone slurry mud I clean that off with a wet towel or wet paper towel.

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    I use paper towels with alohol (although usually water is enough).

    Molecule Polishing: my blog about sharpening with the Wicked Edge

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    I use a clean tissue, and wipe in an up and away motion from the blade. You could actually add horizontal scratches to the bevel on coarser grits otherwise. If the swarf/paste gets dry, adding a little water to the tissue usually takes care of things. I generally use a new tissue per each grit, or use a clean area each swipe to avoid cross contamination. The fibers getting caught just means you have a very well established burr, and on higher grits the burr  shouldn’t really cause that. You can also do a series of very light, alternating strokes to remove the burr buildup before cleaning it.

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