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Chosera vs Shapton vs Lapping Film

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    Marc H
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    Rich, Tom from Jende and Clay from Wicked Edge are two people that meet that criteria.

    (MarcH's Rack-Its)

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    I would love to hear both of their thoughts.

    Jende Industries
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    Well, there seems to be a healthy discussion brewing about the Shaptons vs Choseras…

    I won’t comment on pricing here, since I am a supplier of these stones. I can and will comment on the differences between the 10K Chosera and the 30K Shapton, though.

    On the surface, the stones look like they give the same finish, and you can even argue that the 10K is more liquid mercury-ish than the 30K. The real difference is under the microscope. The 10K is “dirty”, for lack of a better word. The scratches are coarser, and the stone does not remove the previous grits scratches as readily. That does not dismiss smooth cutting edge it produces! The Shapton 30K gives you a much more consistent scratch pattern, and is much finer. The real difference is when you go to shave your face. The 10K is still coarser than the 30K. Here’s a couple of pics.

    10K Chosera: 10K Chosera

    30K Shapton: 30K Shapton

    You’ll note that the 10K’s bevel is quite smooth and polished to a clean white reflection, which is your mercury finish. However, the edge itself is somewhat feathered, giving it a more toothy cut. Advantageous in some applications, but not in others. The 30K has a more consistent depth of scratch on the bevel, since the Shaptons tend to scratch at all levels, not polish, this is to be expected. However, if you look at the edge itself, you will see a more intact and consistent edge. Also advantageous in some applications, but not in others.

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    Thanks, Tom. Do you mean the Shapton is more suitable for shaving? That’s at least my experience.

    Molecule Polishing: my blog about sharpening with the Wicked Edge

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