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    Looks like a spin off of the WE Go model… of course they are in another country so you can’t really prosecute too well, ugh!

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    Unfortunately in today’s world when you create a product that is second to none it’s probably inevitable that something like that will happen eventually.  I for one am glad to see you expose it for what it is.  An attempted copy of a top rated product.

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    Marc H
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    Not to be argumentative Josh, but I think it’s more like the Field & Sport combined with a KME or Edge Pro type stone.   I’m sorry to see it in the marketplace, but it is in the Czech Republic.  I don’t think it’ll effect WE sales, in it’s marketplace.  I’m sorry to say this but it does look’s like a decent concept.

    (MarcH's Rack-Its)

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    From the ad, there is a single, one-piece lead screw, and the sides are not independently adjustable.  If the quality were close to Wicked Edge standards, I’d agree that it’s a pretty well executed design.  I would wonder about the threads on the lead screw being exposed to the fallout of diamond grit and fine tool steel filings.  I’d also wonder about the robustness of the pivot joints.  They will rotate slightly with every movement of the rods.  The angular change caused by this is probably too small to be of concern.  Using bronze for the U-joint nut is a good decision.

    Clay has talked several times about making a set of stones which are swap-able with a single pair of handles.  I’m not sure about the robustness of the KFMS design of snapping the stones onto the handles.  But rather than blowing their design off, I’d recommend looking at it for ideas.

    Youtube has a video by the same guy comparing their design to a much earlier WEPS – before micro-adjusts and spherical joints.  I can’t understand Czech, but there’s a point where he points out the looseness of the detent screw in the joint bracket.  Look closely and you’ll see that the threads on the screw have been filed down.  Loose screws here have been a problem, but not because of the threads on the screw.  WE’s supplier  simply used an over-sized tap drill.  I had to re-drill and tap my brackets to get a more correct fit.  In the video, they tried to point out the flaw and altered the screw to exaggerate the looseness.

    I checked one of the Euro sellers and they have the KMFS at 183 Euros and the WE PP1 at 484.  The WE PP2 is at 942.  Pretty big price advantage, but expected, with tariffs and overseas shipping costs.

    I haven’t looked for any European patents, so don’t know if they can block use of any of their design ideas.

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    In watching the YouTube video, wonder if the Chris Reeve Sebenza is also a clone. Like how he did not clean the blade between grits and the strop.

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