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Video of cheap knife great results from wicked edge go

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    I did a rather long video (18 minutes) of taking a old dull cheat pocket knife & sharpened it with the wicked edge go. This was my first knife with the go. I was pleasantly pleased with the result. If anyone has any suggestions on my stroke or how to improve what I did please give me this advisories. Knife started out so dull you could run it across your hand & nothing to going thru paper basically straight down cut. Let me know what you think of the video I posted on youtube.     I have also did a sharpening with the wicked edge sport & trail pro with extra stones & strops on a benchmade mini griptillian D2 steel knife. I really like this little knife & got a nice mirror finish on it. Tell me what you think of this one also.

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    Some things to consider.

    Don’t sweep the stone off the blade at the tip, you’ll round it.

    Don’t work one side exclusively until you get a burr. You can work each side independently to a point, but doing one side exclusively until a burr is produced will result in uneven bevels.

    Use your angle cube to check the settings, the degree marks on the base are an approximation.

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    A minor disagreement with Mikedoh’s second line….  Taking alternate side strokes is a way to limit the amount of width error from one side to the other.  But.. it will make detection of a burr much more difficult, especially if you are using very light strokes.  I work one side until I produce a burr for the entire length of the edge, then work the other side until I detect a burr for that side, too, or until the widths of the bevels are equal, if that’s a concern.

    Uneven bevels usually don’t become an issue until the edge has been seriously worn down or the factory edge has been poorly done.

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    Marc H
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    You might want to consider how you clamp a knife, foremost for resharpening that same knife and being able to repeat exactly what you did the first, original sharpening, such as for an edge touch-up.  From the video it appeared you just arbitrarily shoved the pocket knife between the vice jaws and tightened it down.  You did use the depth key but I didn’t see you employ any method to measure that clamping position for repeatability, and for efficiency or show any consideration of the clamping orientation for proper even sharpening coverage across the entire length of the knife edge by the diamond stones.  You did mention you could use a marker but discounted it as unnecessary as you were profiling the knife edge.  The marker has more uses then just helping you match a bevel angle.  I suggest you read the top forum post (all four parts) on “finding the sweet spot”.  It’ll provide you with some insight to more efficient sharpening.  I realize the model you’re using is the “GO” as in “clamp and go” and you were excited to just play with it, and sharpen a cheap knife, but you may as well learn to use the device to it’s best and you’re best ability.  It’s better to start out on the right foot then to learn bad habits you’ll just have to unlearn in the future.

    (MarcH's Rack-Its)

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    Jack Wyatt
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    Can’t argue with the results on the Mini Grip.  It looks great.

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    The GO is a great machine! For experienced or new sharpeners I believe this is all most people are looking for, and for the ones that want to go further making the move to a more expensive model much easier and less confusing at the start. Nice BBBYpsi!

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