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    Just purchased a we120 in the pro pac I. After reading some of these I’m wondering if I should have gotten the we130. My we 120 just came today, but i’m thinki ng of upgrading before I even use it..HELP!!  I need some wisdom from some of you sharpening veterans. Thanks

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    Welcome to the Wicked Edge Forum Eric.  If you purchased the Pro Pack 1, it comes with the WE100.  The Pro Pack 2 includes the WE120.

    Both the WE100 and the WE120 utilize the W.E. Standard Vise setup.  The WE100 has 1/2° angle adjustment increments with no microfine angle adjustment feature.  The WE120 has a wider overall angle range with 1/2° angle adjustment increments and also includes micro-angle adjusment ability.

    The WE130 is the base model WE sharpener introducing the new single lever cam action Gen 3 Vise system.  Other then the vise the other features are basically the same as with the WE120.  The Gen 3 vise makes the W.E. Sharpener much easier, quicker and simpler to use.  It provides self centering knife clamping, (without the blade lean associated with the Standard Vise models), and includes a clamp tensioning feature, also.  The WE130 is, IMO, the most versatile model W.E. offers.

    Just to be clear, all three models, the WE100, WE120 and the WE130 will sharpen and polish a knife just as well, no matter the model,  once you learn how to use the sharpener well.  It is easier to learn how to use the WE130 then the Standard Vise WE100 and WE120.  Once you know how to work with and overcome the limitations of the less expensive, less well equiped and less featured standard vise models, they are all three used exactly the same way to sharpen a knife.  The sharpening methods and techniques all the different models use is exactly the same.  The results each W.E. model can produce will be exactly the same when the effort extended, the degree of care and attention to details utilized are equal.

    All the W.E. models use the same sharpening stones and polishing mediums, that are interchangeable from one model to the next.  The WE100 can be upgraded into the WE120, or directly into the WE130, or step wise first into the WE120 then that can be upgraded later into the WE130.

    I started with the PP2 before there was a WE130 or a Gen 3 vise system.  I upgraded like many users did to the WE130 when the Gen 3 vise was first introduced.  Then I upgraded, again, when the improved version Gen 3 Vise upgrade was introduced a year or so later.  That is the current version now offered.  I highly recommend the upgrade.




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    Sorry, It’s the Pro Pac II I have.I got the we 120 with the 800/1000 and the leather strobs 3.5/5 ( I think). I realize I have a good system, BUTT, I’ve been doing some reading on the forum and it has me second guessing myself. I believe some body used the phrase “buy once, Bleed once”. Always been a believer in that when buying my tools all my life. The wife hates it but I don’t ever have to buy a tool twice. I’m sure I’ll want to upgrade eventually, which I believe will cost me about 350 later, about 200 now. I think. It’s not like it will kill me now. My wife might though if she finds out what I’ve spent so far. lol

    What are some of your thoughts??? thanks for your replies gentleman


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    send it back and get the 130.  only issue with the 120 is that due to the way the standard vise works the knife is going to tilt to one side causing 2 different angles..

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