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    Bill Davis
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    I’m new to Wicked Edge and have done a few of my lesser knives, very pleased with the initial results.  I’m at a  point where stropping would be the next step.  I understand that you change the angel on the holder.  So I did my knives at the factory angle of 30 degrees.  Does this mean that when i go to the strop is adjust the angle to 27-28 degrees?  Do I use a motion with the strop that goes away from the apex or edge?  Is balsa a better medium than leather?   a there a better choice than balsa or leather.  Thanks.

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    Welcome to the Wicked Edge Forum.

    I recommend you look first to the “Knowledge Base” for your answers.  There’s a tremendous amount of good helpful information available there.  The Knowledge Base button is at the very upper right of this browser page.

    Another helpful method that I like to use is a “Google” search including the words “Wicked Edge”.  With a properly worded search this often takes you to very helpful forum posts.

    For instance, try searching “stropping with Wicked Edge”.  I just did this.  It took me to a whole page of forum posts including You Tube videos.  You Tube is another valuable reference site to make use of.  There are hundreds of videos there.  Both good ones and not so good ones.

    An added advantage of this practice is you’ll broaden your knowledge past the smaller focus of your original guestions as you see and read related topics that will interest you that you’ll come across with your initial search.

    Then as your questions become narrower in base and more specific, if you can’t find that answer, we’re still here to help.

    To answer a specific guestion you presented, I think the original “cow” leather strops are the best place to start.  The stropping technique used is essentially the same with all the stropping mediums.  The difference is the nuisance you’ll learn of the strop material’s compressibilty and applied pressure required to achieve the results you seek.  The basic leather strops work very well.  They’re inexpensive and easily replaced after you learn how to use it well.  We all sustain damage to the leather strop, while first learning to work with them.  Only at that stage in your experiences, may you be able to see the difference between the various strop mediums.

    Enjoy your journey! Welcome!

    (MarcH's Rack-Its)

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    Welcome to the forum, Bill! Yes, you want to use edge trailing strokes when stropping. If you use edge leading strokes the blade will cut into your strops. I think they said to go 4dps under what the edge angle is. But you should check on that because it’s been a long time since I read about it.

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