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Stone Storage in WE Case

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    I have a question…how do you guys store your stones in the Wicked Edge Case?

    1. Shove them in the slots with no fear of cross contamination

    2. Put them in bags and shove them in the slots with an attempt to not cause cross contamination

    3. Buy the fancy stone covers from a forum member…and shove them in the slots  (I have some of these for the strops…they are great)

    4. Find something else to worry about

    5. Other?




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    The dimond stones don’t realy need to be covered and dont’ cross contaminate.   That is just an issue  that can occure with strops that you apply different grit medium to.  You don’t want your strops to touch each other or rub on the same surface as one of the other strops with a differnt grit did.

    Whetstones are a very expensive aftermarket alternitive to using diamond stones with the WE system.  I make covers for these type of stones to keep them clean when stored in a shop environment, also no fear of cross contamination.

    Hope that help!


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    I don’t store my stones in the case, but I checked my stones with the covers on them and they fit in the slots ok.

    Paul Grace
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    I use this case, it is two sided, $20, and could hold 12 pairs of stones:

    amazon (dot) com/dp/B09PVP99JN

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