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    Hi All, new to the Wicked Edge Family. Just purchased Gen 3. Any advice/tips would be appreciated.

    Marc H
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    welcome to the forum Paul. So you know, all W.E. models, including the Gen3Pro, are used the same. The Gen3Pro is simply a better equipped, easier to use model. View any W.E. helpful, instructional videos you can find. Wicked Edge produced a lot of good helpful videos along with a ton of videos on YouTube. If you understand the basics of this sharpening system using a particular model is the easy part.

    Like driving a car…you learn to a drive first. When that’s understood, you can learn to drive your car well, by applying that general driving method.  Without the basic understanding it’s hard to get good at specifics.

    All models clamp and hold your knife vertically so you can sharpen each side appropriately. it’s not hard to use it. But maybe not simple either.

    I participate in this forum along with some others so you know there’s good info here. For you, a new user, please check out the Wicked Edge Facebook Groups. There’s good user info and expertise there.

    I’ve taken to that FB platform so I can provide the help you seek using instructional videos and group interaction. It’s easier than trying to type out the helpful info.  Others may chime in to help you here on this forum. There are contributing forum members bedside myself.

    I invite you to join these private WE groups. There’s lots of good current info and experiences  and lots of Gen3Pro users.

    Please accept my invitation to these private WE related FB Groups:

    and my group.

    I look forward to helping you there. I try to explain the basics well.



    (MarcH's Rack-Its)

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    Welcome to the WE forum, Paul! And don’t forget the “Knowledge Base” in the top right corner of the page. Lots of good info there.

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