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    Pushing the realm of photography while sharpening. These are both from a Canon 70d with a burst at 7 FPS. ISO 1600 1/80th @ F5.  I had JuniorL sharpen at a rate that I caught 17 pictures from the start to the finish of the stroke. I then manipulated the shots in photoshop, with different layer opacities and masking.

    -The knife is a Bubba Blade 9” stiffie filet knife. But it has no flex. 8cr13Mov Steel with a non stick coating. Interesting blade!!




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    That’s some great photo work, PapaL.  And a hell of a knife.  If someone pulled one of those out on me in a dark alley, and all I had in my pocket was my Delica, I’d be reaching for my wallet.

    The 70D is some serious camera, too.  My T3i is a humble, lesser cousin.

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    Justin Fournier
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    Cool pics, I am gonna suggest gloves or guards.

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    Marc H
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    Thanks for the photos.  It’s a different fun perspective to seeing a knife sharpened.

    Cool pics, I am gonna suggest gloves or guards.

    I have to agree with Justin, I see exposed fingers holding a stone starting an “edge leading” stroke.   The exposed finger level is above the knife blade edge then working down onto and against the cutting edge.  It becomes real easy in a single instant of your multi-burst shots for one of those little fingers to come “too close to the edge.”  From one of those users that has been cut in this exact manner, along with Justine, we are in agreement, some form of safety device should be worn or used!

    (MarcH's Rack-Its)

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    That is a pretty cool shot! It was probably harder to put that together, than it was sharpening the knife. At least it would for me.

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    Nice Pics! I agree with Justin, Marc. When i started using the edge leading sharpening motion is when i gut cut, i wear No Cry level 5 cut resistant gloves and have noticed the index finger, middle finger have been cut . I am thinking on looking at these for a replacement

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