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How sharp can a 20 dps blade get?

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    Glenn Goodlett
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    I just ordered some Micro-Fine ceramic stones. Thanks for the tips.

    Glenn, just so you know, the ceramic stones are used just like the diamond stones, except they have a long break-in period. They seem to have a coating on the stones from the high heat manufacturing process. They do require some amount of use and wear to remove this coating and to get the best results out of them. They are non-magnetic and they can be brittle. So handle them with some care because the ceramics can break if dropped.

    Thanks, I didn’t realize they had to be broken in too. Is there a particular way to break them in or just use them normally? How long does it usually take?

    Marc H
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    Just use them regularly as you would use the diamond stones.   I can’t give you a timeline.  I just can share that they took longer to break in then I expected.  Some users suggest that rubbing the ceramic stones together like grit against the same grit helps wear the surface coating off.  Only use these ceramic stones dry.  Do not use an abrasive lapping stone on the ceramic stones, thinking that will remove the coating.  The lapping stones will change the grit character of these ceramics and effect how they work.

    (MarcH's Rack-Its)

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    Really good info from @MarcH


    David Larr
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    Thats weird that your full track won’t cut….I love my full track and its very sharp.  Then again I have it at 15 degrees, at a 3k diamond stone edge stropped.


    Glenn Goodlett
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    I recently sharpened a knife at 18 dps and didn’t have any trouble getting it down to a BESS of 120. I feel sure that if I ran one down to 15 dps I could reach sub 100 with a little effort.

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