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    Just scored a gen 3 from the other half for Christmas and am so pumped. Currently have 80/50, 100/200, 400/600, 800/1000, fine ceramics, and .5/1 diamond strips. This thing is WICKED. Coming from a  spyderco sharp maker. Decided I needed one after acquiring several +$1000 knives and wanting to be able to maintain them properly. Been getting better and better at the process and developing an edge that can wittle a hair. Trying to figure out what to add to my system next to aid in the perfect mirror finish. Currently ending up with a few light scratches and a cloudy spot or two. Looking forward to the knowledge of the experienced people in the forum. Thank you for having me.

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    Welcome Brian!

    If you want a perfect mirrored finish then I would suggest some lapping films and some additional strops. Aside from that, all it takes is time, consistent technique, and attention to detail.

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    Welcome to the Wicked Edge Forum, Brian.

    First, I’d suggest a box of Band-Aids.  LOL

    Then, a 1500 grit diamond stone / glass blank platen and a couple more blank glass platens for 6µ, 3µ and 1.5µ diamond lapping films.   Then a couple pairs of leather strops for 4µ/2µ and 1.0µ/0.5µ diamond emulsion sprays.   That should round you out for every contingency…sharp and shiny.  If you don’t have a digital protractor or angle cube, that is a must.  A magnified visual aid like a jewelers loupe,  hand- help microscope or a USB Microscope are also very helpful to see what your doing.

    Enjoy your journey, welcome!

    (MarcH's Rack-It)

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    Welcome Brian!


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    Welcome Brain, with knives of that value I wouldn’t touch them with any other sharpener.

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