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    I’m a long time time sharpener who always longed for more precision and repeatability. I have experience on Tormek, Sorby, Spyderco, and Japanese water stones, but relatively new to WE.

    I have a Gen 3 Pro with diamond, ceramic, and leather. Waiting for my ship to come in so I can invest in Chosera stones, primarily to maintain the tradition on Japanese knives. Also interested in experimenting with Balsa and Nano cloth.

    My main area of interest is kitchen cutlery.

    Looking forward to participating in the group.


    Marc H
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    Welcome to the Wicked Edge Forum and Community, Joe.

    (MarcH's Rack-Its)

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    Welcome  Joe

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    Jack Wyatt
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    Hello. Welcome

    I’ve never sharpened kitchen knives with my Wicked Edge. Just pocket knives.

    I may have to give them a try..

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    Welcome Joe! I’m also a kitchen knife enthusiast and I love what the Wicked Edge does to my cutlery.

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    Hello Joe! Organic, MarcH, and TCMeyers are your go to’s for kitchen knives. I know MarcH has a lot of experience with high end kitchen knifes and is always willing to help. Look forward to your experiences and advise.

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    Dale Wachholz
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    Welcome aboard Joe.

    I suspect you’ve been doing some reading here.  There is a LOT of good information.  Mentioned many times is the suggestion that new WE owners practice on um shall we say ‘practice knives’.   I have done a lot of practicing on my wife’s Chicago Cutlery kitchen knives.   And as luck would have it, in no time at all I can practice on them again.

    Don’t be shy about asking questions.  The members here are great.




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    Bei mir auch Joe!  Welcome aboard.

    If you are a professional chef or just do some of the meal prepping at home, I think you’ll find that the WEPS shines brightest in the kitchen.  If you’ve got more than one or two folders you used as EDC’s, you’ll probably only use them a few times per month.  And yes, you’ll want that keen edge when you reach for.  With kitchen knives though, you’ll use them on almost a daily basis.  I use some knives multiple times while prepping for the same meal.  I’ll even clean it several times in that same meal.  You become more conscious of a knife’s edge condition simply because you use it more.

    I also have found that I can sharpen my kitchen knives to more acute angles, knowing that I control how much use or abuse the edge endures.  Like thinner blades, more acute angles result in higher levels of cutting performance.  Having an appreciation for the skill and effort put into producing that sharp edge makes you more acutely aware of and more appreciative of its performance.  I take great delight in using such sharp instruments, knowing that I was the guy who made them that way.  And none of my friends or family can do it.

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