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Generation 3 Pro vs. Pro Pack III?

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    I’m really interested in picking up a WE sharpener in the near future, but I’m struggling to determine which model I would want to go with – Generation 3 Pro or Pro Pack III? If I bought the Gen 3 Pro I would buy some additional accessories to get everything I would get with the Pro Pack III.

    I guess the biggest drawback of the Gen 3 Pro is you are limited to a smaller range of angles and you can’t change the angles individually like you can on the WE130 in the Pro Pack III (although I’m not sure why you would want to do that).

    Overall it seems like the WE130 in the Pro Pack III is more versatile.

    So…why wouldn’t I go with the Pro Pack III?

    The Commercial Series sharpener is interesting, but probably a waste for a home user like me.



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    I think you’ve done a good job highlighting the differences between the pro pack 3 and the gen 3 pro. The wider angle range and the ability to adjust angles completely independently do make the WE130 sharpener in the pro pack 3 more versatile. The gen 3 pro offers the advantage of speed and ease of use. If you ever decide to explore convex sharpening then the ability to adjust both angles with one click of the lever on gen 3 pro makes that a faster process. It also has a built in storage shelf and a rest for your guide rods.

    If I were in your position I would opt for the pro pack 3.

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    Welcome to the Wicked Edge Forum, Carlen.

    You did indeed, as Organic said, break down the differences succinctly.

    I am in agreement with you and Organic.  You can do everything with the WE130 model in the Pro-Pack III that you can do with the Gen 3 Pro, and more. This includes “convex bevels”, just not as simply.  The Pro-Pack III includes just about everything you’ll need and the extras you’ll probably end up with eventually, all in one purchase.  Plus it comes packed in a very nice rolling hard case.

    Good choice.  I have both models.  If I were to have to make a choice only one to keep, I’d stick with the WE130 in the Pro-Pack III.


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    Thanks fellas I appreciate it. Very helpful!

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