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First knife sharpened – help needed!

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    I have today got my Wicked Edge PRO Pack 2 from Knives and Tools – I trained on the enclosed testing knife and it went well. Then I tried scarpen my new LionSteel M4 Magnacut. I managed to position the knife wery precice and worked on the factory set angle which was 22 deg. I went through all the grits and ended with the leather strops with 4 and 2 micron paste. I then tested the knife on my BESS PT50A and the results was 202-167-199 (Tip-Midt-Heel) This is of course not good enough – did I maybe not manage to raise a big enough burr when I started out using the 400 grit stone?

    Any suggestions? or good advises? All help will be very appriciated!

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    <p style=”text-align: right;”>The new stones have a break in period since you are knocking off the loose Dimonds that’s why they suggest sharpening older knives that are not as valuable. I would start at the 800 grit and try again spending more time with the finer grits to remove the corse grit imperfections and remember to strop with leather strops 2° less then your edge angle so use 20°so you don’t roll the edge</p>

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