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Finding correct angle

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    I just recently received my new WE 120.   My new angle cube came in as well.  The angles on my WE and the angle cube are different. I have recalibrated the cube, nothing has changed.  I want to make sure that I am sharpening at the correct angle.. Any help would be appreciated. I just joined the group and looking forward to sharing info. Thanks jlt

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    The numbers on the WE bar will only ever match the cube if the knife you are sharpening sits exactly 5/8″ above the jaws of the vise.  This is one of the reasons the angle cube is such a good addition in my opinion.  The taller the knife the steeper the angle.   Will it make a difference in how the knife cuts if you thought you were sharpening at 20 but it was actually 19, no it won’t.   You will find that sometimes different stones are slightly different heights and you will need to change the angle with the micro adjusters when you change grits, so verify you angle with each girt change.  Also if you are on a table that moves, you will find that your angles move.. So zero your cube once at the start and don’t lean on the table is it is not absolutely solid when checking your angles

    Welcome to the obsession!

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    Welcome to the W.E. forum, jlt.

    The numbers and demarcation lines inscribed on the square angle bar are only an approximation meant to be used as a guideline for positioning your guide rods.  For true relative guide rod angle settings use a properly zeroed digital angle cube.

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