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Edge angle and finish?

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    Leo James Mitchell
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    Ouch! Your poor fingers!
    You are correct about the dryer fluff Mike. I wear only cotton track pants and tee-shirts so when I do my laundry I collect enough to use. I have a big ball in reserve. Works very nicely. We also did some experimenting using super fine steel wool to help catch sparks and accelerate the fire especially when windy.
    We did some crazy fire starting experiments using potassium permanganate with a little glycerin and a few drops of water. We also added a strip of magnesium ribbon. Starts a fire like crazy, wind, no wind, the reaction doesn’t care, it burns fiercely. Fun and he learned some cautious exothermic chemistry at the same time. We are doing home schooling so I have to keep a high interest level. Luckily he is brilliant…like his Granpa!! ROTFLMAO!


    Eamon Mc Gowan
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    What a great description and no my minds eye saw a completely different guy. We do have a couple items in conman. First of you would see me as a youngster, I turn 57 in June. My descent is Irish, my parents were from the old country. I am Eamon Seamus Joseph Mc Gowan at your service.
    I used to be a shade off 6′ now I’m just about 5’10” and always ran about 180 lbs. My health is bad and now 286 lbs. I used to work out 4 hours a day and did 600 sit ups everyday! Now with my big belly 3 would be amazing! I sit in my easy chair all day long. I live on a gun so there is the random walk over and try a new load or something? Oh and last year I grew my annual beard and it is snow white now and adds 10-15 years so I shaved it.
    Your grandson sound like a great young man and he is very lucky to have a grandpa that is teaching him things that seem to be lost today? So much today is video games that the young are barely learning to ride a bicycle. A lucky young man indeed!

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    Y’all ever try to start a fire with a glass?

    I smoke, and in the clearer months, carry a 3″ dia magnifying glass (drug store, with handle and frame removed) to light my smokes. Building a good “tinder nest”, I can also get a flame going in a few seconds on a sunny day. Of course, a fire is less often needed on a sunny day….

    Is this thread drift or what? Sorry, OP.

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