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Clamping tapered blades

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    What do you all do to firmly clamp a blade that is tapered from heel to tip on the spine?  The heel end is clamped but the knife wants to pivot on that point.


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    I generally use card stock, which is paper as thick as a greeting card, to protect the blade.  If the blade pivots on the rear, then I add a piece of card stock to both sides of the front of the mount.  One layer usually does the trick.  I’m sure others here have more elegant solutions as well.


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    One solution, suggested by Clay (owner of Wicked Edge) is to use moleskin on the vise jaws. I ordered this one

    Another suggestion from MarcH is to use a small piece of chamois. I have the chamois bud didn’t have a need to use it.

    If need be, you could use those adhesive felt pads usually used on furniture legs but to me they seem to be a bit on the thick side.

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    I find for distal tapered blades like my Spydercos, I actually upgraded to the Gen 3 vice/jaws which really help out with holding those types of blades secure. The Gen 3 vice has a tension lever so if you’re working with thinner stock you can adjust easily.

    Upgrading to me was worth it.

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