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Angle Change with Thick Stones and Handle Adapters

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    Something that can be over looked when using aftermarket stones with the WE systems is that thicker stones, such as Whetstones and stone adapters to use other types of stones with WE, tend to decrease the maximum achievable angle.  This is due to the fact that thickness of the  stone and possible adapter handle move the rode away from the the knife decreasing the angle.  Add to that if the knife is a large kitchen knife that sits high above the vise, the same thing happens.   In a worst case you may not have sufficent room in the angle range of your WE system to achieve the angle you want.

    The below video show how what I have described with my 1×6 stone holder utilizing a 9mm thick  whetstone/plate combo.  As will be demonstrated the use of my adapter handle and Whetstone drops the max achievable angle by 3 degrees compared to a standard WE stone.

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