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Why not to buy the Wicked Edge. Best Knife Sharpener ? ?

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    Because you will fall in love with it!   HAHA

    I’ve been away from mine for a while…  I had a little problem with mine, the owner went beyond the line of duty to take care of the problem.  And I feel guilty if I would not leave good feedback in this day and age where , frankly a lot of products are junk or total rip offs.

    I have a million $ worth of toys. Some I don’t even open.  Very few I use every day.  I still have my wicked Edge on my kitchen table ( ya ya… it’s my house I’ll put it where I want it )   Can’t say I have used it everyday..  or a lot.  But I value quality.   Few things stand out as the best in this crappy world nowdays.  But.. If you want the best.  This is the best.

    I took me a little while to find the website again, not the easiest to find, but.. I still have my account and password it seems.  And now I will see if any of the old timers are still here. I see atleast one. They make the system very enjoyable  also.

    Don’t get big headed Mr Owner.. but you are a genius at what you do, and have the best product of its type.  Thank you! !

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    Welcome back!

    I agree that the WE product is the best fixed angle sharpener on the market.

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    Been away a while myself. I’ve had similar experience with the WE team and the sharpeners, from the GO to the commercial units, they are capable of better edges than any other option. I might be bias but that’s my opinion. Thanks NotVerySharp!

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    Hate to beat a dead horse but I have used most of the other systems including the Russian one. Which I could not get even bevels. Sold it and bought IMHO the best most complete system the Pro pack III.  I am not rich enough to buy cheap stuff!!  Thank you WE for a great quality product!!!

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