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Delete. Bought one from Kyle at WE!

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    Just purchased from WE the large rolling case and Ill be listing for sale the smaller case in “wanted to sell” after we transfer his system to the new case arriving in a few days from now.

    Once a system is upgraded to the Gen III vice the larger case is needed.  This case which we will be selling is the WE logo’ed black hard plastic case to protect your precision sharpening system.  Its like new and is the OEM $185  case that comes with the pro-pack 1 or the pro-pack 2 system with the foam cutouts for all your accessories.

    *I’ll be shipping the smaller case to anyone interested (for a price to be determined) including free shipping from my office’s 1-2 day fedex account.

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    Marc H
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    I have a hard carry only case. I’d be interested in selling it.  It’s not a roller, just a carry case.  It’s in “like new” condition only a little dusty. Only sat in my closet, for years.  I’ve never put the set-up back in the case since the day I first got it.  Still has all the original foam from when I bought it with my Pro Pack II, from WE.

    (MarcH's Rack-Its)

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    Thx for that response Marc.  But as in my first post when he bought his system used he bought probably the same case you have directly from WE.

    When I first ordered my propack III and opend the box I was floored on how big that case on wheels was.  I returned it the same day and found a gen III pro setup.  But he needs the wheeled case as he bought my 2016 Gen III vice and he wants to be able to turn his system over and it would fit in the case that comes with the Propack III.

    So if by some chance your case measures 18 inches in height he does not care that its not on wheels.

    Otherwise, i can also call Kyle on  monday and see if he wants to trade the small case (plus some extra dollars) for a wheeled case or even a beater that they maybe have laying around.  I’ve looked at the nunucks and the pelicans already for him, but they are really expensive in that size and he wants one with the foam for the stones rather then having to pick or cut out the spaces in  new foam.

    Last resort would be to buy the wheeled case new and then sell the smaller case which is probably the one you have now.

    That wheeled case is so “huge”.  I’ve seen smaller suitcases being wheeled by people boarding overseas flights  . . . :o)



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