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To get it insanely sharp….. There are 2 Ways?

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    Sven Schläfke
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    Ok, I always did wonder how to strop, there seems to be 2 Strategies:

    1) Like most do after finishing all stones strop very lightly at the same angle or a bit more narrow angle to not loose the edge but make it finer. Seems to work for me

    2) As I did try at first with my Paramilitary 2 with high pressure at the same angle or a bit wider angle. Did work as well but not every time. But this gave me the sharper edge. For #2 see also this video:

    #1 is self explaining.

    #2 Did work as well (for me with much pressure, in the Video with greater angle but light pressure).

    I always thought when using Spray the fine scratches from the DIamond will slide along the side of the Blade and therfore would create a saw like edge if you would watch it under the microscope.

    (I assumed there should be a hole at the end of the edge where the diamonds on the strop would pass the edge, therefore forming a saw under the microscope.)

    To understand what I mean, see the picture:

    But as I looked at the pictures Clay did of the highly polished blade that he strops with different media, I did notice that there are those scratches at the side but there is a clean edge and not a saw like one as I assumed.

    So might #2 Maybe create those Micro-Saw-Tooth?

    Anyone knows the answer or has experience?

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    I don’t know the answer to your question… I know that I can get an edge to come out better stropping at a higher angle. But I had Clay strop an edge at a higher angle, and it looked like it just rounded the edge. You can see it here.

    There is some info on stropping at a higher angle in the Experiments in Knife Sharpening book. (You need a pdf reader installed.)

    As you said, stropping at the same or at a lower angle also can improve an edge.

    So yes, both are possible… why I don’t know. 🙂

    Jende Industries
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    I love the drawing! – but it is a little off for reason #2, IMO.

    When using small abrasives like the 0.5 micron, the abrasives actually abrade WITHIN the existing scratches (aka, polishing the scratches), and do not necessarily create their own as your drawing implies – unless you do a ton of strokes, and even then it would be so slow – unless you established the “true grit” edge, which is to establish a 2 micron scratch pattern, then a 1 micron, then the 0.5 micron. 🙂

    I think!

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