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Thumb screw ball joint on Gen3 Pro

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    Hello everyone Im the new guy , Got my gen 3 two days ago set up went well test knifes so so then i got ahold on it {I thought} started to breaking in stones going well 12 junk knifes later Im ready for the good stuff, then all of a sudden one side is diff angle left side only. well long story short i covered ball joints with glove fingers { works great }never looked at them again.until the issue of bad angle left side .So started to tear down to see whats up this is what I found left side ball joint pulled apart .070 So question now is are all my sharpening efforts wasted ?or are the 15 knifes I’ve done ok ? They look ok symmetrical just worried about angle.


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    You might be able to press that back in but I would get a hold of WE and they will get you a new one.

    If you noticed a change I’d say that is when the defect manifested and the knives you did before will be all right. When you get the new part then check a couple and make sure but if you didn’t notice anything when you sharpened them I would have to say , your good!

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    Jbad, welcome to the Forum.  I’m sorry you had a part failure.  Wicked edge will replace it.  They are good about that.  That’s the first of that type of failure I’ve seen.  If your knives look good and more importantly the cut well and to your liking then that’s all that matters.  An angle is just a number.  If the knives work well, use them and enjoy them.  Next time you need to sharpen them you’ll address the issue.

    You’re unnoticed mishaps leads me to believe you aren’t monitoring your angle settings with a digital angle cube.  I believe if you were you should have noticed the angle change as soon as the ball joint let go.  I measure and micro-adjust my angle settings with each and every grit change.  For some WE users this method is over-kill.  I like this method.  Maybe find something in-between that lets you keep a closer eye on the mechanicals.

    Also, a sharpened knife does not need be symmetrical or the bevels even to be very sharp and cut well.  All that matters is the precision and closeness of the two side bevels meeting at the apex.

    (MarcH's Rack-It)

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    You are correct I’m not using cube yet that order comes tues or wed, what i was doing i  the interim was using the sharpie once and awhile to keep an eye on it but anyway thanks for the help !! it did pop back in but won’t stay.

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    Call Wicked Edge and they will take care of you. Their customer service is superb. You’ll even talk to a real person with no menu runarounds.

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    kyle took care of every thing all is good again. thank you wicked!!!

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