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10/11/2017 at 8:13 pm.

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      It appears the site is currently, and more often, quite slow. At least where I live (with a good Internet connection.) I did some measurements.

      Loading the site ( ) 22-27 sec
      Opening a post 12-15 sec
      Pressing “Creating a new post” 16-22 sec
      Editing a post (from pressing the “Submit” button) 42-47 sec
      Wring a post  (from pressing the “Submit” button) 38-47 sec


      Even pressing the “Edit” button takes about 20 seconds before you can actually edit.

      I have, within my possibilities, tried to find out what the culprit could be. It isn’t my browser since my other browsers (IE and Edge) have the same problem. It also isn’t my computer since Dutch websites load almost instantaneously. Also, it isn’t the connection from my Internet eXchange to other international sites, since they usually also load very quickly. Could it be the WE server itself?


      1. It’s a little later know and the site is quite fast again. The numbers are down to 2 seconds or so now.
      2. It’s about one hour later and the site is slow again. The above numbers are back.

      Perhaps the WE site has temporary hiccups?]

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        I too experienced slowness earlier this evening 11:30pm-12am.  I guessed WE Server issues.  Back to full speed and working well now.


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          I wasn’t able to get on in the “we”e hours EST this morning. No problem with other sites.

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            Hi guys,

            I’ll check w/ Chris later today on this and we’ll get it sorted out.


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              Working great again since like 6:30 or 7am EST


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                Very slow from  7-10 am San Diego and hard to post pics. To large of a file it says  see others post pics no problem what up

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                  Apologies, for a slow site. I’m looking through the logs to see what’s slowing things down, and then we’ll get it fixed. We don’t want a slow site/forum!


                  Working to make a great forum!

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