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    I have an original WE100 with no upgrades since it first came out. I probably didn’t sharpen more than a few times on it before it got mothballed. I plan on digging it out and using it to sharpen various types of folding knives including some relatively expensive kitchen knives. I noticed that there is upgraded rod swivel / angle brackets and blade clamps at the very least. The upgrade pack costs $400.00 to fully upgrade my old unit. My question is whether or not the upgrades are considered worth the cost from a relative newbies perspective. I will be sharpening my own knives as well as the occasional friends knife but not professionally. Thanks in advance!

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    Welcome to the W.E. forum Karl,

    Each upgrade can allow you to use your W.E. sharpener easier in order to achieve better sharpening results with less difficulty and effort. With the correct upgrade kit, (WE130UP3), the WE100, no matter how old the base unit may be, can be converted to the top model in this series, that is the WE130. This is just the sharpener itself, though. Sharpening stones and other accessories may also be needed if you don’t have these. What you’ll save upgrading is a good head start. If you are interested in owning and using a premier knife sharpener an upgrade is an easy way to go. If you are needing stones and other accessories with the discounts being offered now, during this years on going Black Friday Sale, you may be better off just starting new with a better optioned kit.

    I have several WE models. The WE130 is my favorite one to use. My 130 was made through upgrade kits.

    (MarcH's Rack-Its)

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