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New to this forum and Sharpening

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    Hi all. So I’m new to this forum and new to sharpening mostly. I have a rather large collection of knives and the edc’s that I carry I have been using spydie sticks and a strop… with less than optimal results honestly. I would just “touch up” my knives in this way however, once they get too far out I’m lost and I’ve been sending my knives out to get sharpened. Just invested in a Gen 3 Pro and I have zero experience using a sharpening system like this. Been reading and taking in things I never knew, but I’ll be watching YouTube and looking more into this forum for some advice. I haven’t received the system yet… it’s in shipping. So, I mostly have no clue what I’m even really getting into other than researching the different systems and brands.
    I have an initial question: I only purchased the Gen 3 Pro with no additional stones or anything. Can I get my knives usably sharp with just what comes with this system ( I’ll get to mirror sharpening as my skill set increases)? I’m going to start out with a very old Gerber Paraframe in Aus-8 I believe that is completely dull and unusable at this point as well as other less expensive knives that I have that are just totally dull. Any other initial advice or tips are most welcome.

    It’s somewhat overwhelming with the sheer amount of sharpening mediums available… ceramic, diamond, pastes, emulsions, oils… etc.  I really had no idea there was such a large amount of sharpening supplies available so I’m trying to keep it simple at first….

    Thanks for the forum…and
    Thanks in advance for tips from seasoned sharpeners as well as newer sharpeners who have learned as I am going to.


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    Welcome to the Wicked Forum and community, Mike.

    Wicked Edge sharpeners are a knife sharpening system. The sharpening results are more about technique, attention to detail and effort extended. The basic included sharpening stones are all that’s really needed to produce a scary sharp knife edge, when used correctly.

    With time and experiences you may likely choose to include a wider variety of sharpening and polishing mediums as your skill level and sharpening knowledge improves.


    (MarcH's Rack-Its)

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