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    I’ve already asked a few questions and used my WE for a couple of knives, but I thought I should intro myself.  I’m a home woodworker, meat smoker and vintage alarm clock restorer.  I’ve sharpened a lot of plane irons and chisels, using stones, jigs and machines.  I finally settled into hand sharpening with stones and strops and can achieve mirror finishes on plane irons and chisels.

    In the last few years I’ve gotten into some nice kitchen knives, which require more than just the typical quickie sharpening gadgets.  I started by using my stones and got nice looking edges, however I never really new if my grinds were consistently on or even near the degree I was going for.  That’s what lead me to the WE systems.  I first purchased the Pro Pac I, but soon added the Gen 3 vise, which I love.  I’m also adding Super Fine and Micro Fine Ceramics, as I am used to using similar stones.

    As a home user, I’m excited and frankly, lucky to have this system.  I’ve already been able to get a couple of great edges, thanks to this forum and WE.  I’m looking forward to many challenges in my WE future.  Thanks all!

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    Welcome NorCalQ. Thank you for sharing your experiences.


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    <p style=”text-align: left;”>Welcome NorCalQ</p>

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