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New guy. Bought the 130 pro pack 3

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    I collect and use hard, a variety of knives. EDC ‘s, Benchmades,  Bucks, folders and fixed, for hunting, fishing, etc. I’m no youngster (64) and I have suffered trying to achieve the edges I was looking for with every kind of set up.

    I LUSTED over this WE 130 pro3 for years. I finally bought it for me for Christmas. I was ashamed to tell my wife the cost. Told her to be sitting when she opened the Visa bill. Well…I’m still here! Guess she figured jail cells aren’t heated very well…lol

    So…I have sharpened about every knife I own. My brothers and best friends hunting knives. They agree that they only THOUGHT their knives were sharp up until I gave them their knives back WICKEDIZED. I am extremely happy I went with the pro pack 3 and am able to polish the edges. Looks amazing.  My sons are quibbling over who gets it after my wife figures out how to make my demise look like an accident…ha ha ha

    I have no regrets. The angle cube is a critical component. A must have. The low angle adapter is also important to have. Your not getting your fillet knife without it. My screws to the angle detents, the rods themselves, and the micro angle adjuster screws ALL loosen in use. I have trained myself to check and tighten between grit changes. It is such a pleasure to have truly sharp knives to work with! Field dressing is going to be a delight. If I had a regret, it would be waiting so long to buy it. I enjoy the process. The case is amazing. Keeps everything secure. I added the 50+80 grit reprofiling stones. I hated spending hour+ per side reprofiling older abused knives. They make short work of it. I added a small led flashlight, a spritzing spray bottle of alcohol for dampening strops, a good magnifying lens, a sharpie pen, and a box of bandaid’s…which so far are still unused. Ha ha ha

    Great system.  Truly enjoying it. Expensive to buy once! Lifetime bragging rights to the sharpest, most wicked edge in deer camp!

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    Welcome to the Wicked Edge Forum Snoodyjim.  We thank your wife for letting you join us.

    I sent you a private message, (PM).

    (MarcH's Rack-Its)

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