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    Hey everyone! Watchdog here. Just found out about WE sharpeners and thinking about buy the PPII sharpener. I live in a small town in the south western part of Virginia. Served in the Army for six years, one tour in Iraq, and one tour in Korea. I love collecting knives, listening to music, photography, watching movies (Horror, Sci-fi, Fantasy, Comedy, Action-Adventure). I love reading (Stephen King, Brian Keene, Non-Fiction, police procedurals, thriller, Manga, comic books). I play video games, and love my cat Kasper.

    Thanks for reading,

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    Weclome Watchdog and thank you for your service in the armed forces!

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    Welcome Watchdog,

    We are almost neighbors! I am from Northern MD. You dont have to order a specific Pro pack. I know the Propack III is pricey, but the Gen 3 vise is worth getting IMO. You can call WE and put together a system with the Gen 3 vise and only hones and accessories you want. Good Luck with whatever you decide to get, it’s a great system!

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    Welcome aboard Watchdog!

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    Dale Wachholz
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    Welcome aboard and Thank You.

    Good job on joining the forum and asking question before buying.  I have an older PPII that I purchased pre-owned.  I love taking a dull knife and turning it into a crazy sharp and useable tool.   I am with Pinkfloyd.  The gen 3 vice is the way to go.  If I had it all to do over again, I’d get that vice from the start.



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