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Micro Fine Ceramics after 600g stone…

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    I did a little testing on how the MicroFine ceramics do after the 600g stone (the 600 being what a standard WE kit or Field and Sport ends with). Answering the question, “If you were going to get one more stone, which one?” I was impressed at how well this stone cleaned up the edge, and left a bit of a mirror polish on the bevel, not to mention a great cutting edge. Not a Phil – turn on the floodlights and examine with a microscope finish (just messing with you Phil) 😉 … you could still see the scratches left by the 600g stone… but a decent finish with little effort. I believe the MicroFine Coarse works well enough to start clearing up the bevel, even after the 600g stone…. in the end, not achieving a MicroFine-Fine finish, but a decent looking start of a mirror edge, if that makes sense.

    If I wanted to start down the path of a “polished bevel”, I think I’d add this stone first, the 800/1000 diamond next to help set up for the MicroFine ceramics, then maybe a 1/.5m leather or balsa strop third. (Might do a 5/3.5… still need to test this). From there, maybe the SuperFine ceramics, and/or more leather/balsa steps… depending on how crazy you want to get. :woohoo: Of course, this doesn’t include the Chosera/waterstone path.

    That’s my .02…what’d ya think, or in what order would you add stones/strops?

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    I did a ZT0350 in S30V this a.m., and snapped some pics to give you an idea of this.
    (S30Vs not the easiest to polish.)

    Couple of notes:
    I used a set of fairly new diamonds that have about 1/2 dozen knives on them.
    I spent 2 minutes per ceramic… 1 min. going heel to tip, then 1 min. tip to heel.

    By doing it this way, you can (hopefully) get an idea of what I mean by polished but can still see the scratches.

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    That’s about what I experience when I do the same progression, the only variation coming from how broken in my diamond plates are. Looks great!


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    So does this give a relatively nice EDC edge, with a bit of flash? If so, what would you do to maintain the edge?

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    Yes, I think it’s a great edge, and would just maintain it with the MicroFine-Fine.

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