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    Jerry Sailer
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    I just signed on to the forum, thought I would make my first post. I have been in the sharpening knives for as long as I can remember. I have used a full set of Arkansas stones and the Lansky system. I been reading a lot on the forum and watching youtube vids of the WES. Just got a Christmas bonus from work and thought what a better thing to spend it then a new knife sharpening system. So, I am leaning to buying the Pro-Pack 1 system, start off with the basics and go from there. Would this be a good starting point?

    Marc H
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    Welcome Jerry,  all the Wicked Edge Sharpening System (WEPS) will allow you to achieve more accurate repeatable results then either free hand sharpening or systems like Lanskys can achieve.  Which WEPS you decide to start with is a reflection of what your willing to invest and how advanced the technology is and ease of use of the vice and WEPS as a whole, will be.  The more expensive systems come with more goodies, and are easier to use then the less expensive basic setups.

    The most basic systems can at a later time be upgraded to include some of the changes and accessories to improve your ease of use.  Your system is designed to allow you to improve it as your skills and needs grow and improve.

    (MarcH's Rack-Its)

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    Welcome to this forum and good luck with your purchase decision.

    I agree with Marc’s advice and add a thought: before purchasing, think about your sharpening goals.  All WE systems will give you a pretty sharp knife in a relatively short time.  But if you want something beyond that you might consider something more than a basic system.  For example if you will be sharpening a lot of knives for yourself and maybe others, the Gen3-style clamp is faster to set up than the older style.  If you have Japanese-style kitchen knives, the Low Angle Adapter could be a helpful add-on, etc. Don’t get paralyzed by this but since you’ve been sharpening a long time, you have the advantage of knowing what results you’re seeking.  I didn’t have your experience and my only goal was sharper kitchen knives.  I found I could get there with only stones up to 600-grit just fine.  However I bought the ProPack2, added some more stuff to it, and while massive overkill for my needs, I found sharpening relaxing and ended up with a new mini-hobby I enjoy a lot.  And I don’t stop at 600-grit anymore but go through 1500-grit and the 6-micron diamond lapping papers.

    In retrospect, I probably would have been wiser to get a simpler system and put the cash difference into Bitcoin futures, but then I wouldn’t enjoy the experience as much.

    Let us know what you decide, and please share you sharpening suggestions from your experiences.

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    Welcome Sir,

    This is a tough question to answer and I agree with all of what MarcH wrote.

    The PP1 is $450 and a good system and enough to get some VERY sharp knives.

    Every step up has advantages so your budget will be in the end your determining factor. From the GO at $199 to the PP3 at $1199 or the GEN3PRO at $849.

    The Gen 3 clamp (we130, gen3pro, commercial) is in my mind a far superior mouse trap but the original clamps work very well but might not be as user friendly.

    I believe the WE130 to be the most versatile and for me the best choice I could have made(been using it now for just under a year). Now 2 days before Christmas I received the WE GO and I have to tell you that I’m impressed with that little sharpener so far. I’ve done 5 blades with it from an 8″ chefs to 1 1/2″ thin pocket blade and I have to say that I’m somewhat blown away with this thing. I need to take the limitations of the clamping system into account, mainly blade lean, the same way you will with a WE100 but the GO works better and is easier to use than I thought it would be and is very well made.

    These are all good systems and will produce edges that you will be blown away with I think. Some questions to ask yourself might be, do you have a permanent place to leave it set up or do you have to break it down because of space? Will you be traveling with it? Might I want to expand or upgrade in the future? What will I be sharpening for the most part? Then of course how much am I willing to spend up front? It’s really not an easy decision, it took me 2 months to make my mind up when I decided to buy, and in the end the PP3 was my choice in late Feb. 2017 so I know what you are experiencing right now. (I was curious about the GO so I preordered it in July, 2017)

    My best advise is to set an amount you are comfortable spending and buy the most sharpener that fits into that budget.

    I do think you would be happy with a WE100 (PP1) but I can strongly recommend the WE130.

    Let us know what you decided and how it’s going for you when you get started. GOOD LUCK


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    Marc H
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    Just to weigh in again:  All the stones, every different type, are compatible with all the WEPS models.  There is nothing that is only used for a specific system.  Everything is compatible with every level WEPS.  What you buy to start will still be of use in the future.

    (MarcH's Rack-Its)

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