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    I used an expanded earlier version of Pro-Pack II for  at least 5 years until my home burnt to the ground. The unit was in the portion of the basement that was heavily watered by the fire department and the granite base survived. All of my knives were lost except a new Hinderer, which miraculously survived.

    When we rebuilt I purchased 11 pieces of Shun Premier knives. Over the past 2 years most of them had dulled significantly, so it was time to get Wicked Edge again. This time I went for the much upgraded WE130 and attached it to the granite base. I added the 800-1000, 1500-glass platen (6 micron diamond lapping film), double glass platen (3 and 1.5 micron diamond lapping film).

    I sharpened the Hinderer and a few junk knives to clean up the new stones before beginning. After some brief experimentation, I began using the 800 to form the burr on the Shuns. Beginning with the paring knives I worked my way through the chef and carving knives… all at 16°.  I was astounded at the edge I ended up with, as least as good as they were when new. It was as if I’d never had a break from the Wicked Edge. It was well worth the cost of the new investment.

    BTW… I couldn’t seem to use my old persona, so I’m beginning with a new one.

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    • This topic was modified 5 years, 11 months ago by John.
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    Welcome back! I’ve a pre-2017 WE Gen 3 pro (and 2017 model F&S Pro used when travelling) which I’ve upgraded with the newer vice as well as 10″ guide rods.  I removed the shelves early on to bring it down to a more comfortable working height, and just love it.  No longer do I use it in a sharpening business, but frequently use it for my own kitchen and other knives. Friends and family bring me theirs as well.  Sorry to hear of your home being destroyed; a devastating experience for certain. Good to have you back on our great forum.  Let us know how those dulled Shun knives turn out!



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    Welcome back!

    Marc H
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    Welcome Back John.  Love the Shuns.

    (MarcH's Rack-Its)

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