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Thoughts on scissor attachment?

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    It’s a little bit off-topic, but could you tell us Clay how you make the images like the one of the scissor attachment? They look great and are very clear. But I cannot work out how they are made: they’re a bit too smooth for a straight photograph, but (I think) too realistic for a completely artificial image.

    They are digital renderings from our CAD files. The software for doing it has become very sophisticated and it’s possible to control the materials and lighting really well. You can even simulate camera lenses and depth of field. You can control all shadows and reflections and the various ray bounces. In that image, I did minimal processing so it’s not even close to what’s possible in the software. The package I’m using is called KeyShot.


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    Got the new Scissor Attachment in a couple of days ago. Have not tried it yet but wanted to show it mounted in each position. I reset the Angle Gauge at each setting. The angles are shown only as an example (may vary with your vice). It looks like it will allow you to sharpen more types of scissors. Hope this helps showing the mounting and angles with the new Scissor Attachment.

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