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Dead Link

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    Hi guys,

    I really couldn’t find a means of sending a note to the WEUSA webmaster so perhaps you could relay this?

    I use the Knowledge Base quite frequently and I found that in Home Page I have this line:

    Most Recent Activities : Articles
    The word “Articles” is indicating it’s a hyperlink which I assumed brought up the webpage of all the articles but its simply dead and inactive.
    Perhaps you could pass this along?
    Thanks, George

    Oh yeah if the question were to come up I’m using the most current version of Safari as a browser, Version 11.1.1 (12605.2.8)

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    Marc H
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    George, click the “orange open Book” at the top left.  It will take you to the next page.  From there you can click the link, “See all articles”, in blue print on right side, center.  I believe that takes you to where you wanted to go.

    (MarcH's Rack-Its)

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    Morning Marc, Yes thanks I saw that. I assumed the link I mentioned (on my Home Page) would get me to the same place as “See all Articles” on the Wicked Edge Knowledge Base main page under “General Topics”. But when the link “Articles” is clicked on on my Home Page I get nada.

    The word “Articles” may be mistakenly set up as a link or perhaps it is truly busted, just thought I’d mention it as I keep clicking it hoping its going to eventually work…Just call me Pavlov’s Dog.

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    developer (ChrisB)
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    So that ‘Articles’ link takes a bit of explaining. It’s actually the equivalent of a ‘tab’ in our support platform. Meaning, it’s possible for there to be different categories of support items listed under Recent items. But, we don’t use any of the other categories, we just use Articles. So, it looks out of place there, but if we had other types of recent items, it would make more sense, as their category names would also appear there as a ‘tabs.’

    I hope that makes more sense. It’s a built-in navigation part of our support platform (we use a system called Zoho Desk), and it just happens not to serve much purpose, given the way we are using only parts of their overall offerings.

    Working to make a great forum!

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