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    R. Jeffrey Coates
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    Yet another request for opinions on sharpening progression.

    Wicked Edge system

    W/ micro adjustments

    W/ shallow angle attachment

    W/ stone thickness compensator

    Grit progression:

    1. WE Diamonds

    2.100/200 WE Diamonds

    3.400/600 WE Diamonds

    4.800/1000 WE Diamonds

    5. 1200/1600 WE Super-Fine Ceramics

    6. 1.4/0.6M WE Micro-Fine Ceramics

    7. 5/3.5 M. WE Leather Strop

    ??.Belgian Blue-BBW JENDE

    ??.Belgian Coticule JENDE

    ??.Course Strop 2M JENDE

    ??.Fine Strop 0.25M JENDE

    Of course, not all apply to every knife.

    My primary sharpening is high-end kitchen knives.

    Input greatly appreciated.

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    developer (ChrisB)
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    Hi, just as an admin note from a forum moderator… This post made it in twice, and so I’ve closed the duplicate post.

    Working to make a great forum!

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    Marc H
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    I would suggest you should start with the WE diamond stones using the coarsest stone, (e.g., 200 or 400 grit), that you can and still get the job done without too much effort and time.  Step back down coarser if the starting place wasn’t working well enough.

    After progressing up and through the WE 1000,  I prefer to use the “Microfine” Ceramics 1.4/0.6.  I haven’t found it helpful to use both ceramic sets, only use one or the other depending on your preference for the feel and your results.  Remember the Ceramics require a long break-in period to give their best results.

    Then I would finish the edge with the Strops 5/3.5 micron.

    I cant’t comment on the Jende Belgian Stones  or the Jende Strops (due to no experience with them). Do you have these mounted on WE platens?

    (I have to add I prefer to sharpen my “high end” knives on something other than diamond stones)


    (MarcH's Rack-Its)

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    Dwight Glass
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    I like both of these sharpening progressions. I like any grit progression that gets the knife sharp.

    when I started with my “Wicked Edge” I had a very dull home made knife that was made from a file. I used my 50 grit stone until that file knife was as sharp as I could get it. and that was not very sharp at all.

    then I went to 80 grit, as sharp as I could get that edge. It took me a while to realize that the new 80 grit stone was not going to give much of an edge.

    I worked the other diamond stones with the best edge I could get for each grit on that knife to 1,000 grit.

    I think I tried to sharpen that file knife 3 different times.

    R. Jeffrey please do not start sharpening on a good knife.

    MarcH good stuff


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