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    Asking to update WE forum code so when users click on an Attachment as in the attached example from Clay’s posting; that the attachment open in a new browser tab/window.

    It makes it easier for users to close the new tab/window versus accidentally closing the current tab thinking that that initial tab/browser window is still open.  It’s annoying having to click the back button when many websites now days open a new tab/window to view attachments.

    thx in advance, RSilva


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    I may be wrong but I believe that is a feature you can control in your computer software and browser settings.

    (MarcH's Rack-Its)

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    Sure, you can always right click on the link and ask for it to be opened up in a new tab/window; but why?  We build/manage our work web sites with the code so the users don’t have to… plus we don’t always know which browser/iphone/android the users have etc.

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    developer (ChrisB)
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    Thanks for the input, we always appreciate it when forum members provide usability requests (for background, I help keep the forum up and running; and for usability, I’m in kind of a facilitator role, but not the decision maker, which is in Clay’s bailiwick).

    For attachments, we’ve really emphasized making them usable as embedded content in the post, which has included bumping up the max attachment size, and allowing big / high-resolution images to be embedded into the content (rather than just thumbnails, which must then be clicked). Overall, this seems to have worked quite well.

    For the issue of opening an attachment… I’d be interested in the input of other members, just to get more data points. IMO there are probably as many downsides to auto-opening a new window (or new tab), as there would be benefits. It’s also not going to be 100% reliable, as that’s a behavior that’s often misused/abused by spam websites, and thus browsers can be set to prevent it. Also, opening the attachment in a new window can lead to lots of open browser windows, unless one keeps on top of closing each one.

    At the same time, I get that it’s kind of odd to end up on a browser page with no menu or navigation, which is the current situation.

    I would end up on the side of keeping it as-is. My explanation is that I rarely open the attachment itself, as the embedded version usually works for me. I also like the method of right-clicking things that I want to open in a new window. And… I do struggle with getting too many tabs and windows open as it is.  Again, just my opinion.

    Working to make a great forum!

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