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Took a knife I didn’t like…

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    Took a knife I didn’t like (a Kershaw Rescue Knife)…

    and turned it into one I like better…

    I’ll spoil the plot… I didn’t do all of this on the Wicked Edge. I actually intended to. Set it up, 50g stones, high angle (a high angle is good to do for major repairs), and went to town. But, about 30-45 min. in, I was about 1/2 way done, and looked over at a Tormek I have. It’s a wet wheel grinder, and great for making repairs like this. (Plus, I decided to take a bit off the spine side.) So I switched over and finished the job.

    Once done though, I no longer had a bevel on the knife, (I made the fix grinding at 90 deg.), so I switched back to the Wicked Edge, set a new bevel, formed the edge and sharpened it up! (Had to have a WE tie in!) 😉

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    Way cool! It looks like it was designed the way you finished it.


    Jeremy Long
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    If you don’t like the serrations I bet that recurve would look pretty cool if you knocked them off and made it a deeper curve… Regardless I like what you did it looks much better now

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    Thought about that… I actually don’t mind these type of serrations, though… they sharpen up well, and unlike serrations with “pointy teeth”, will cut fairly decent.

    It’ll probably end up being a car carry knife in the glove box. It has a glass breaker in the handle too, so probably better suited for that. Not that glass breaking comes up all that often, but what the heck 🙂

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    Very nice work, Curtis! It’s impossible to see you did any work on the knife, as Clay wrote. (And the original one is indeed butt-ugly.)

    Molecule Polishing: my blog about sharpening with the Wicked Edge

    Eamon Mc Gowan
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    I really like the way the tip turned out? The lines flow better the the original? You never know about the glass breaking thing? Better to have then…..

    Robert Olmstead
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    I may do that once I retire 🙂 I am a firefighter and carry that Blur on shift. I pry doors open with that thing all the time. The rounded tip is perfect for those cheap Kwikset locks on garage and interior doors. It is much better than torching my point constantly on lock bolts 🙂 Very well done Sir.

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    I’d take your version over the other any day!
    Beautiful redesign!

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