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Spam – again

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    Note: this is probably only relevant for moderators.  In a previous topic I asked whether clicking on “Spam” would not only delete/hide a message, but also delete the account. The answer is probably “no”.

    Then Curtis sent me a pm: I could if go to their profile page and then “…. click “Edit”…. then at the bottom you should see “Forum Role”… click on that and change it to “Blocked”. I think it also automatically deletes their post… so you don’t have to go thru and mark them as spam…. although this doesn’t always work.” ( I think I can quote this, Curtis, since it’s only relevant for moderators. If not, please let me know.)

    I tried to, but after clicking on the Edit bottom on the profile page (found by means of “Forum / Member directory”), I couldn’t change their forum role. It’s text only here. And sometimes I don’t even see the Edit button.

    Anyway, is there an easy way to delete spammers and their messages?

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Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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